What is IP Rating? How Can I Assure That The Camera Can Withstand Local Weather?

The importance of family and business security is self-explanatory. A criminal can bring a myriad of troubles in your life. You cannot always stay on the front line. You need something that stays up all the night to see what’s going on around your home. There is a proverb in the Indian subcontinent- crush the head of the snakes before it raises its hood. A security camera integrated with alarm system can do this job like a champion if protected from weather. Not every CCTV camera is weather and water resistant. It is your responsibility either to purchase a weather resistant camera or protect it from the harsh conditions.

You probably don’t know, but there is an environment rating indicating the usability and suitability of a camera in various indoor and outdoor conditions.

IP Rating: It indicates the resistance of the camera to liquids and dust. It is a two digit code covering various international standards for electrical equipments. For example:


First digit (6) represents the level of protection against dust.

Second digit (5) represents the level of protection against liquids.

IP Rating
First digit (DUST) Second digit (fluid)
Number Protection Number Protection
0 No protection 0 No protection
1 Solid objects having size over 50mm 1 Water dripping vertically
2 Solid objects having size over 12mm. 2 Water dripping 15° vertically
3 Solid objects over 2.5 mm 3 Water dripping 60% vertically
4 Solid objects over 1mm 4 Limited ingress when water dripping from all directions
5 Limited ingress of dust 5 Limited ingress when low press jet of water from all directions
6 No ingress of dust 6 Limited ingress when high pressure jet of water from all direction
7 Immersion for less than 30 minutes between 15cm to 1m
8 Immersion for long period under pressure

What rating do you require?

Classification IP rating Installation  Description 
Indoor <44 Indoor installation No submersion in water,

Only indoor installation

Weather resistant 44 to 65 outdoor under shelter / indoor installation No submersion in water,

Sheltered location required for outdoor installation

Weatherproof 66 to 67 Outdoor / indoor installation No submersion in water,

Shelter not necessary but recommended


Submersible 68 Underwater installation Intended submersion for long


Even if your CCTV camera is rated as fully waterproof, still it should be sheltered when installed outdoor as the drops of water on the camera affects the image clarity. When you are to install a wireless camera system in Edmonton, go through above tables to install cameras that can withstand weather conditions of the city.


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