Which Camera Shall I Use For Video Web Surveillance

The first and foremost requirement for safeguarding home using a video security system is choosing the best fitting security cameras. No one wants to fork out for a camera that falls short in securing home from people having evil intentions. The availability of plenty of options is often bamboozling for the customer. To select the right candidate out of several potential options, a person should have at least the basic knowledge of different cameras used in video surveillance systems. This article highlights features and advantages of commonly used CCTV security cameras.

 Dome camera

Greater depth of field and wide angle lenses enclosed in a rugged dome makes it ideal for monitoring large open areas like front yards, backyards, and driveways. A dome camera having Wide Dynamic Range is perfect for areas subjected to diverse lighting conditions.


  • Perfectly blends into the environment
  • Easy installation
  • Lens is obscured inside the dome. Therefore, it is difficult for the intruder to avoid being caught.
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor monitoring

Bullet camera

Also known as lipstick cameras, bullet cameras are slim and tubular in shape. These are ideal for monitoring perimeters of a building. Bullet cameras are popularly used to get a clear view of outdoor areas by mounting under eaves of a roof.


  • Cost effective
  • Both outdoor and indoor models are available
  • Easy to install
  • Multi-axis brackets for easy adjustment of camera angle

Infrared camera

It has built-in infrared LEDs to record crystal clear video in total darkness. The IR ranges varies from 65 to 100° and even more to meet various security needs. IR cameras empowered with the latest Smart IR and Full Frame Illumination technology offer enhanced performance in low light conditions.


  • Round the clock monitoring
  • Crisp and clear recording in low light conditions
  • Available in no-glow 940nm IR LEDs
  • Pretty easy to install

Hidden camera

A hidden camera falls under the category of spy cameras. Pen, AC adapter, wall clock, keychain, smoke detector, USB drives, cooler and there are many other regularly used objects come with small built-in cameras. These are virtually undetectable.


  • Covert surveillance
  • Protection from tempering
  • Provide an additional layer of protection
  • Portable
  • No hard-wiring required

Video web camera surveillance system not only records the activities of intruders but also prevents burglaries, thefts and other mishaps as it provides real-time footage of the location being monitored. The selection of a security camera depends on the security requirements and location. Therefore, with the basic knowledge, you can purchase the right camera and also save a good amount of money.


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