Your Wireless Camera System Might Be Vulnerable, Secure It

A wireless security camera system greatly shrinks the possibility of security threats at home or in the office. An advanced security surveillance system fills our mind with a sense of safety and relief as a soldier who never sleeps is deployed to foil malevolent attempts of someone having deleterious intentions. However, this sense of safety and relief can be deceiving sometimes if you are not aware of the vulnerabilities exposed to the outsiders. This security system consists of cameras, routers, wires, DVRs and a few other components. None of these is an artificial intelligence thing.

You are using it for your security. However, someone can exploit its vulnerabilities and use it against you. Therefore, you cannot leave everything on your wireless camera system. Every professional security camera integrator recommends following preventive measures to protect the surveillance system from hacking.

Use Secured Dedicated Network

The majority of sophisticated camera security systems have their own dedicated network that is isolated from the outside world. Traffic from external networks (internet) comes through one node only and that node is protected with firewalls, intrusion detectors, SSLs and other security settings. However, some residential security systems also have dedicated networks but these are not fully secured. Therefore, every residential or commercial surveillance system must make use of firewalls, intrusion detectors and secure configurations.

Use Strong Passwords and Change Passwords 

Usually, software used to operate, control and maintain cameras enforces strong password that is a combination of uppercases, lowercases, numbers and symbols. Your kid’s date, month and year of birth can be a good combination but not a strong password. Any guessable password is a weak password. Moreover, the password should be changed in a timely manner.

Use your VPN

Remote access through a Virtual Private Network is more secure than port-forwarding. If you are not a tech savvy guy, then this might be the first time you are reading about VPN or Port-Forwarding. You need not know these remote access techniques from inside out. Just ask the technicians handling your project to provide remote access through VPN only.

No default settings

While configuring your wireless camera system in Edmonton, delete all default settings. It is never recommended to use VMS server with the company information on it. Use a dedicated system instead.


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