Five Good Reasons for Installing a Wireless Camera System Instead Of Wired One

Edmonton Wireless Camera System

Criminals are always ready to exploit any security hole to take whatever they can take from others. They just need one chance, one weakness to make use of, once they have found it, all your dreams of becoming rich will be turned into a nightmare. Most of the times, they rob only after making sure that nobody is aware of their presence and intentions. There is no one to keep an eye on their movements and actions. However, when they can see a wireless security camera guarding the entrance of your home or commercial premises, they will think twice before entering into your property.

If your office is not fortified with 24X7 alert hi-tech camera systems, you are actually giving an invitation to burglars, robbers and criminals. Therefore, it is important to install a high-quality wireless camera system in Edmonton to save your possessions from bad guys. Here are the advantages of wireless security camera systems over wired systems.

No Wires

If the security system is vulnerable itself, you cannot sleep with the sense of safety and security. When criminals know that you have installed a wired camera security system, before they maraud, they can paralyze the entire security system by cutting the power supply. On the other hand, only a few wires are used in the installation of wireless security surveillance system.

Wireless System Can Be Deployed Anywhere

The installation is useless if you are unable to install a camera at the right location. Every home or office has some nook and corners where wiring is not possible or not safe. This imposes some restrictions on the security system. However, a wireless system enables you to install a camera at any location without using wires.

Secured Footage

Wireless security systems are usually connected to the internet. The video is stored into onsite storage and to the cloud as well. Even if the intruder manages to gain the access to the computer and delete all videos, he is still not safe as you have a backup in the cloud storage.

Remotely Accessible

A wireless security camera system connected to the internet can be accessible from any remote location. You just need to install an application on your Smartphone or laptop to see the live footage from any camera.


Installation of wired security systems is a complex, time-consuming and expensive deal. The wireless security system is far simpler and affordable to install as compared to a wired system. There is no mess of wires exposed to burgers and harsh climate.


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