Common Mistakes People Make While Installing CCTV Security Camera System

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To protect a business from inventory losses and a home from thefts, video surveillance has proven to be the best preventive measure in the present scenario. A dependable CCTV security system that is not prone to water, winds, intentional vandalization and another damage-causing elements is like a soldier who is alert 24X7. However, there are some aspects associated with this system. Even when the system comprises of every essential component, if you are ignoring a few of these aspects, you are leaving a backdoor entry for a burglar or any other person having evil intentions.

There are several intelligent moves you should make to protect your home or office from break-ins by using CCTV security cameras. Even when you have spent a boatload of dollars for buying the finest camera, if it is not installed at the right location, your property is still not safe. While installing a security camera, there are some questions that should come into your mind.

  • What are the most vulnerable spots on the property?
  • Is there any obscured entrance in the property?
  • Is there any history of break-ins in the home or office? How did burglars enter in the house?
  • What are the right locations for the installation of the cameras?

When you have the answers to these questions, you will not make mistakes that are commonly made by people while installing security cameras.

Insecure Indoor and Outdoor Camera

As compared to outdoor cameras, indoor cameras are very less prone to several damages. For indoor monitoring, your camera may or a may not be water resistant. However, the outdoor camera should not be vulnerable to harsh weather conditions like heavy rains, strong winds and snowfall. Moreover, an outdoor camera can be easily tempered. Therefore, consider all worst case scenarios while installing outdoor cameras.

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Installing At the Highest Point    

People are likely to believe that it is a good move to install a camera at the highest point. This makes the camera beyond the reach of an intruder. And, it also provides a wider view. However, this is completely wrong. This may provide the largest picture. You will not be able to identify the features of the intruder.

Using Cameras with Limited Dynamic Range 

If you have installed a camera with less dynamic range, you will get the desired picture only when the person looks into the camera directly or is approaching the camera.

Bad Lighting  

Today we have cameras that can record video in the total darkness. However, if your cameras do not have the feature of night vision then proper lighting is essential to record clear footage. There is one more thing you should remember that when the camera is too close to the bright light, the picture will be disrupted. This is the reason why an outdoor camera should not point directly to the sun.


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