What to Consider While Installing Security Cameras in Hotels

Reputation is very important for a business. Once it is earned, it has to be maintained. The reputation becomes more important when it comes to restaurants and hotels. When a guest writes a negative review about your hotel because his expensive Rolex watch was stolen during the stay, your reputation is literally killed. When you are given one star and the title of the user’s review is “No Security”, you have to consider the reinstallation of security cameras. Otherwise, thefts in the hotel and big blows on the bad reputation will keep on coming back to haunt you. Bad reputation drives away the business. Therefore, it is must for you to protect belongings of guests against thefts.

Even if you have spent a boatload of dollars to buy Hi-Tech indoor and wireless outdoor security cameras in Edmonton, if these security equipments are not installed at the right spots, the hotel is not safe. If it is a wireless internet security camera system, there is a possibility that it is vulnerable to online threats. In this blog, we have compiled a list of 10 ways to protect your hotel from thefts.


  1. Every type of camera has its own pros and cons. Therefore, you have to think about your security requirements and the type of cameras. For example, due to its design, a dome camera is more protected against vandalization.
  2. Even if one of your friends or relatives is in the business of security cameras, you should buy cameras from a professional and well-established company.
  3. Ask for references. If one of your friends has installed an efficient video surveillance system, get the contact number of the contractor.
  4. Make the best use of your budget. Today, cameras having features like motion activation, night vision and more are available at affordable prices.
  5. Always purchase Network Video Recorder (NVR).
  6. A wired video security system can be easily paralyzed. Therefore, you should prefer wireless cameras over wired cameras.
  7. An insider or outsider can easily damage the camera if it is within the range. Therefore, buy a vandal resistant camera and install at an unreachable location.
  8. Do not forget to ask the contractor to check the building, outdoor and fire codes. Also, make sure that all required permits are filed.
  9. Install two cameras at the entrance. One for monitoring inside and one for monitoring outside.
  10. Use a dedicated vandal proof dome camera mounted at the eye level for monitoring every entry and exit closely.
  11. Use wide angle cameras for maximizing the coverage in large areas.
  12. Display the live view of cameras in screen mounted in front desk area or the lobby.

These twelve tips will really help you in securing your hotel with the third eye. No one is going to book your hotel if you have a history of thefts and intrusions. However, you can make the guest feel secure and comfortable by installing CCTV security cameras.



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