How to Evaluate Specifications to Buy the Right CCTV Camera

CCTV cameras are usually installed for one purpose, round-the-clock surveillance to protect people and properties. Captured photos and recorded videos are played and evaluated later when something unexpected, good or bad happens. CCTV cameras monitoring entries and exits also deter the confidence of bad guys. Security cameras are no more new technology. The first public was installed back in 1960 in London. Now, after over half century, we can call it a fully matured technology. It has gone through multiple phases of development and now highly efficient cameras available at very reasonable prices. Today, we have CCTV cameras that provide live footage of the location being monitored, anytime and anywhere. However, a camera can serve the purpose effectively only when it is chosen carefully.


While buying security cameras in Edmonton, your familiarity with specifications of cameras can provide better output and save money for you. In this blog, we are going to explain how to evaluate specifications to buy the right CCTV cameras.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Camera

CCTV cameras are used for the surveillance of outdoors and indoors. Outdoor cameras are directly exposed to rains, snowfall, winds, sun, sands and other natural elements. Therefore, these cameras are built to withstand harsh weather conditions.


  • As outdoor cameras are made to withstand the harsh environment, you need not incur additional cost for the extra protection of the camera.
  • Indoor cameras are not exposed to rain, winds and other natural elements. However, these cameras are prone to vandalization and fire. Therefore, you need to install vandal proof cameras for indoor surveillance.
  • It is not a wise move to install wired camera security systems outside. An intruder has to cut a wire only to deaden the entire system. For outdoor surveillance, install wireless cameras only.
  • Both indoor and outdoor cameras must have the night vision feature. Especially, outdoor cameras should be able to record in total darkness.

 Camera Specification

Whether the camera is going to meet your needs or not, it all depends on its specifications. When the camera technology is constantly evolving, comparing specifications of different cameras becomes a complicated process. However, you can narrow down choices by understanding different variables CCTV cameras.

 Camera Sensors and Resolution

CCD and CMOS are the two types of sensors used in CCTV cameras to convert light into electrical signals. These electrical signals are converted into an image or video. Since CCD sensor is the most popular, we will focus on these sensors only.

There are two types CCD chip cameras:

  1. Analogue
  2. Digital

Both types of cameras are further sub-divided into following types:

  • High resolution color
  • Medium resolution color
  • High resolution monochrome
  • Medium resolution monochrome
  • Cameras that provide color footage during day and monochrome during night

There are many other specifications you should evaluate while buying CCTV cameras. We will discuss remaining specification in the next part of the blog.


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