Top 6 Six Easy Maintenance Tips That Will Increase the Life and Video Quality of Surveillance Cameras

Maintenance of CCTV camera or other investment is essential. If a well-maintained system can do its job for ten years then why curtail it’s life to 6 years with poor maintenance practices. Proper and timely maintenance keep the security system in excellent running conditions. Therefore, protect your investment, maximize its performance and keep technical issues at the bay. Always remember following six tips:

Maintenance Tips Surveillance Cameras.jpg

Inspect the Entire Semi-Annually

Inspect all outdoor and indoor cameras. Carefully, look for the signs of corrosion. If you find any connector or component showing signs of corrosion then immediately replace it. Otherwise, that component can cause the entire equipment to short out. Inspect all power supplies. The system may lose power due to a storm, burning, tempering, vandalization or any other unwanted event. If there is a UPS in place, make sure that it does not show warning lights and the battery is fully charged.

Clean Camera Lenses after Every Six Months

Check lenses for smudges, water spots, dust and other elements. The quality of the image or video is adversely affected if there is dust on the lens. The image will look like this:


The signs of dust or water spots on the lens can be easily seen while watching the video. Therefore, cleaning lenses should be a part of the maintenance regime.

Position Bullet and Box Cameras Securely

Check camera setup and position correctly to make sure that it is secure. The camera should not be mounted loosely. The quality of the video is affected when the camera vibrates.

Replace Broken Parts or Camera Having Persistent Poor Quality

If you find that you are getting poor quality video from a camera, replace it before it becomes completely useless. See if there is any broken part and replace it. Always buy the camera, part or accessory from the same manufacturer or supplier. When you are buying products from a trusted supplier, it will be way less prone to premature deterioration.

Trim the Neighboring Landscape   

The recording is of no use when the view is not clear. Therefore, prevent obstruction by trimming all trees, bushes, vines and other foliage. There should be no nest or bee hive near the camera.

Ensure That the Camera Housing Is Weather Proof

It is important to make sure that the camera enclosures are still weatherproof and waterproof. The camera should be protected against environment elements. Too much exposure to sun and water not only deteriorates the video quality but also damages the camera.

Even when you have well maintained and efficient surveillance cameras in Edmonton, you should also make sure that CCTV cameras are not vulnerable to technical threats.


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