The best ways to create multi-room audio systems

If you are a music lover then you definitely would like to purchase a brand new multi-room audio system. The popularity of multi-room audio system has been increasing day by day. With a little bit of planning and hard work, you can control the music for your entire home. There are various methods and technologies for distributing audio in each room. You can use them as per your choice and need.

For creating a perfect multi-room audio system, you have to plan what your system will look like before installing into your home. Have a look at following ways to get the job done.

Single source system

It is very easy to create a two-way zone stereo system in your home. Many home theater receivers have a speaker A/B switch that transfers a connection to the second set of speakers. Simply connect the receiver’s speaker to additional speakers placed in another room with the wire. By toggling the A/B switch, you can have full control over how music plays in different rooms. You can also connect multi speakers to the receiver with the help of speaker switcher, which acts as a hub.

Multi-source system

If you already have a home theater, you can connect its multisource features without the need to incorporate a switch. Most of the receivers have additional outputs that can help to play different audio/music in different rooms. In some home theater the audio output is speaker level, so you can connect it to all other speakers with a wire.

Multi-source control system

A multi-source control system allows you to send a selected source (media player, DVD, radio, mobile device etc.) to specific rooms in your home. It is similar to speaker switcher which can send both speaker level and line level signals to the selected rooms. Multi-source control systems are often ranging from four to eight zones.

Computer LAN

Network wiring all over the home offers you a lot of benefits. If you already have a computer network installed, it can save your time and money. Just connect the speakers to nearest compatible port and that’s it.

These types of wiring distribute signals to multiple zones, but you cannot be used simultaneously for a computer network. However, you can distribute audio in the form of digital audio files with the help of your computer.

Wireless music distribution

Wireless is the best option for the multi-room audio system. Since it is easy to set up and offer a great user experience, wireless technology has been gaining popularity. These speakers use Bluetooth, WiFi, and other additional wired connections. You can easily control it through smartphones and tablets. Apart from various advantages, there are some limitations too. Most wireless home theater systems are made to pair only with others by the same brand or manufacturers, it is difficult to mix and match wireless speakers. Also, these speakers are more expensive than the wired one.


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