Your Wireless Camera System Might Be Vulnerable, Secure It

A wireless security camera system greatly shrinks the possibility of security threats at home or in the office. An advanced security surveillance system fills our mind with a sense of safety and relief as a soldier who never sleeps is deployed to foil malevolent attempts of someone having deleterious intentions. However, this sense of safety and relief can be deceiving sometimes if you are not aware of the vulnerabilities exposed to the outsiders. This security system consists of cameras, routers, wires, DVRs and a few other components. None of these is an artificial intelligence thing.

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What is IP Rating? How Can I Assure That The Camera Can Withstand Local Weather?

The importance of family and business security is self-explanatory. A criminal can bring a myriad of troubles in your life. You cannot always stay on the front line. You need something that stays up all the night to see what’s going on around your home. There is a proverb in the Indian subcontinent- crush the head of the snakes before it raises its hood. A security camera integrated with alarm system can do this job like a champion if protected from weather. Not every CCTV camera is weather and water resistant. It is your responsibility either to purchase a weather resistant camera or protect it from the harsh conditions.

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