Top 5 Home Security Tips For People Living Alone

Security is one of the top priorities of life. We live in a world where crimes occur on a daily basis. Crimes such as robbery, theft, and murder are not only dangerous for our properties and life but our identity is not safe as well. The importance of security increases when you choose to live alone. No doubt, living in your own place has its unique benefits but living alone can also make people feel more vulnerable to home security threats.

Whether you have your own house or renting a home, the safety measures apply to every individual and household. No matter how high quality locks you have on your doors, you should take some extra precautions to ensure your security at home. If you hate being alone and find yourself insecure all the time, you should consider home security systems. Besides having internet security camera Edmonton, make use of the following home security tips to protect you from any threat.

 Install home security cameras

Home security camera helps you to view the inside and outside of your home. You can keep a close watch on any area of your property, from your car to pet inside or outside the home. It keeps the thief and vandal away and prevents you from becoming a victim of crime. From past few years, the advancement in technology has made video surveillance system affordable and appropriate for those who live alone.

 Get to know your neighbors

No matter where you live, you will most likely have neighbors. Whether you live in a farmhouse, an apartment or a house, make sure you well know your neighbors. Try to introduce yourself and keep some form of regular contact with them; it will help you know your neighbors well. Neighbors can play an important role in your home security. They can help you keep your home secure when you travel by keeping an eye on suspicious activity around your home.

Install lighting outdoor, fences and locks, and alarms

It is easy for the burglars to go unseen in the dark and that is why some homes are easy and attractive targets. Therefore, it is extremely important to have sufficient lighting everywhere outside your home or property. In addition, home surrounded by fences give a clear indication to any outsiders who might be considering preying upon your property. Moreover, flashing lights and audible alarms are the best way to defend your property from thieves and vandalism. These above systems prevent criminals from targeting your property and you feel safe at home.

Dog is just perfect for home security

When it comes to security, the first pet comes in your mind is the dog.  Besides being a cute, sweet and loyal animal, the dog is loud, hard to spot and bite too. You don’t need any special breed or a large dog to boost your home security, but just a barking dog. A dog with loud barks can warn you that someone is in your premises before you would know of their presence.

Think before posting anything on social media

With the billions of people on social media and thousands on your friend list, social media sites are no longer a safe place to share your personal life. Whether you are going for some holiday or alone at home, avoid posting personal messages on social media. If you are all alone at home and have purchased something expensive and valuable such as the car, laptop or television, you should never post on social media.


Top 6 Six Easy Maintenance Tips That Will Increase the Life and Video Quality of Surveillance Cameras

Maintenance of CCTV camera or other investment is essential. If a well-maintained system can do its job for ten years then why curtail it’s life to 6 years with poor maintenance practices. Proper and timely maintenance keep the security system in excellent running conditions. Therefore, protect your investment, maximize its performance and keep technical issues at the bay. Always remember following six tips:

Maintenance Tips Surveillance Cameras.jpg

Inspect the Entire Semi-Annually

Inspect all outdoor and indoor cameras. Carefully, look for the signs of corrosion. If you find any connector or component showing signs of corrosion then immediately replace it. Otherwise, that component can cause the entire equipment to short out. Inspect all power supplies. The system may lose power due to a storm, burning, tempering, vandalization or any other unwanted event. If there is a UPS in place, make sure that it does not show warning lights and the battery is fully charged.

Clean Camera Lenses after Every Six Months

Check lenses for smudges, water spots, dust and other elements. The quality of the image or video is adversely affected if there is dust on the lens. The image will look like this:


The signs of dust or water spots on the lens can be easily seen while watching the video. Therefore, cleaning lenses should be a part of the maintenance regime.

Position Bullet and Box Cameras Securely

Check camera setup and position correctly to make sure that it is secure. The camera should not be mounted loosely. The quality of the video is affected when the camera vibrates.

Replace Broken Parts or Camera Having Persistent Poor Quality

If you find that you are getting poor quality video from a camera, replace it before it becomes completely useless. See if there is any broken part and replace it. Always buy the camera, part or accessory from the same manufacturer or supplier. When you are buying products from a trusted supplier, it will be way less prone to premature deterioration.

Trim the Neighboring Landscape   

The recording is of no use when the view is not clear. Therefore, prevent obstruction by trimming all trees, bushes, vines and other foliage. There should be no nest or bee hive near the camera.

Ensure That the Camera Housing Is Weather Proof

It is important to make sure that the camera enclosures are still weatherproof and waterproof. The camera should be protected against environment elements. Too much exposure to sun and water not only deteriorates the video quality but also damages the camera.

Even when you have well maintained and efficient surveillance cameras in Edmonton, you should also make sure that CCTV cameras are not vulnerable to technical threats.

Protecting Wireless Security System with Encryption, Protected Router and Changed SSID and Password

Got a security camera to keep an eye on and record actions of intruders? Good, this will keep them at bay. However, there is another kind of threat that is posed by someone your camera cannot capture. There are some disadvantages of living in this interconnected world. Someone can control the entire home security system without being physically present in your home. Modern internet security systems have endowed you with the facility of remote monitoring. However, someone can use the same internet to deprive you of this facility and gain the full control.


To keep it strong, secure and private, it has to be protected from online prying eyes of online predators. You need to fortify it further. Here are some guidelines and tips for protecting the wireless security system from online threats.

Change the Name   

Immediately change the SSID (Service Set Identifier) of the newly set Wi-Fi internet security system. SSID is the name of your home network. Any device trying to connect to your network sees this name. If you are changing the name of the home network, it will be difficult for hackers to gain the access to the network. Usually, manufacturers assign the default name to the router. And, that default name is usually the name of the manufacturer which is pretty easy to guess. Moreover, do not use the name of any of your family member.

Unique and Strong Password

Routers come with default pre-set passwords that are pretty easy to guess. Therefore, replace that password with a unique and strong password. Remember, select a hard to guess and easy to remember password. Here is a simple technique for choosing a password.

Suppose your password is myhosepa3578. (My Home Security Password 3578)

Replace some of the numbers with characters that are almost identical and do the same with numbers.

Your password should be myh05epaBS7B

Here are the replacements made to get this password

‘o’ with ‘0’

‘s’ with ‘5’

‘3’ with ‘B’

‘5’ with ‘S’

‘8’ with ‘B’

Enable Network Encryption

WEP, WPA and WPA2 are the most popular encryption for wireless networks. WPA2 is the most popular encryption technique. This improves security by converting data or traffic in a form that is of no use for an unauthorized person or software.

Placing the Router    

Try to keep the router near to the middle of your house. A hacker can receive the signal if the range of the signal is reaching outside of the house. Therefore, do not place it near the window or the door. Make sure that the signal is not accessible outside of your home.

Your wireless security system in Edmonton protects you from intruders. It is your job to protect it from online threats.

How to Evaluate Specifications to Buy the Right CCTV Camera

CCTV cameras are usually installed for one purpose, round-the-clock surveillance to protect people and properties. Captured photos and recorded videos are played and evaluated later when something unexpected, good or bad happens. CCTV cameras monitoring entries and exits also deter the confidence of bad guys. Security cameras are no more new technology. The first public was installed back in 1960 in London. Now, after over half century, we can call it a fully matured technology. It has gone through multiple phases of development and now highly efficient cameras available at very reasonable prices. Today, we have CCTV cameras that provide live footage of the location being monitored, anytime and anywhere. However, a camera can serve the purpose effectively only when it is chosen carefully.


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Have Less Money To Invest In Video Surveillance? Bullets Cameras Might Meet Your Needs

Bullet, Dome, cube-shaped and there are several other types of cameras that are said to do the same job, video surveillance. If you are a buyer, you should know that it is not a wise move to install a bullet camera where you actually need dome camera. Dome cameras are incredibly vandal proof whereas bullet cameras are prone to vandalization. However, it does not mean that choosing a bullet camera is a wrong decision. The choice of the camera depends on the purpose to be served.home security cameras in Edmonton.jpg

Bullet cameras can be installed at locations where the installation of other cameras is difficult. Due to the design and small size, bullet cameras are very easy to install and hide. These are weather resistance and therefore, ideal for monitoring outside. Moreover, unlike typical box cameras, bullet cameras do not require any special housing and therefore, cost less. However, the camera should be out of the reach.

A bullet camera is ideal for every business and every corner of a street. Buying a bullet camera is really an intelligent decision when dome and other cameras are out of your budget constraints. A bullet camera has all essential features such as night vision and Wi-Fi. In a nutshell, bullet cameras are the best business and home security cameras in Edmonton when you have less money to invest.

At The Workplace

Securing the workplace is actually one of your responsibilities. Your business is your livelihood and it is also a source of income for your employees. However, some business owners believe that installing video surveillance system is an expensive deal. However, if you are reluctant to video surveillance system due to its cost then you should not. When you are installing bullet cameras you need not dig deep into your resources. It will protect your business from thefts and internal threats. Video surveillance systems are important for the safety of your customers, employees and assets.

In Streets

In most of the cities, you will find bullet cameras monitoring the traffic and keeping an eye on people. Reasons are the same – easy installation, easy to hide, low price and night vision. Security cameras cannot put end to an every crime in the city. However, video monitoring does deter the confidence of thieves, burglars, or anyone else who can pose a threat to the society. When the camera is empowered with the feature of real-time monitoring, there is always a fear of getting caught.

Safety and security of your family and business are your first responsibilities. For that reason, you should install security cameras. Bullet cameras will not make a burning hole in your pocket.

What to Consider While Installing Security Cameras in Hotels

Reputation is very important for a business. Once it is earned, it has to be maintained. The reputation becomes more important when it comes to restaurants and hotels. When a guest writes a negative review about your hotel because his expensive Rolex watch was stolen during the stay, your reputation is literally killed. When you are given one star and the title of the user’s review is “No Security”, you have to consider the reinstallation of security cameras. Otherwise, thefts in the hotel and big blows on the bad reputation will keep on coming back to haunt you. Bad reputation drives away the business. Therefore, it is must for you to protect belongings of guests against thefts.

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Common Mistakes People Make While Installing CCTV Security Camera System

home security systems

To protect a business from inventory losses and a home from thefts, video surveillance has proven to be the best preventive measure in the present scenario. A dependable CCTV security system that is not prone to water, winds, intentional vandalization and another damage-causing elements is like a soldier who is alert 24X7. However, there are some aspects associated with this system. Even when the system comprises of every essential component, if you are ignoring a few of these aspects, you are leaving a backdoor entry for a burglar or any other person having evil intentions.

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