How to Evaluate Specifications to Buy the Right CCTV Camera

CCTV cameras are usually installed for one purpose, round-the-clock surveillance to protect people and properties. Captured photos and recorded videos are played and evaluated later when something unexpected, good or bad happens. CCTV cameras monitoring entries and exits also deter the confidence of bad guys. Security cameras are no more new technology. The first public was installed back in 1960 in London. Now, after over half century, we can call it a fully matured technology. It has gone through multiple phases of development and now highly efficient cameras available at very reasonable prices. Today, we have CCTV cameras that provide live footage of the location being monitored, anytime and anywhere. However, a camera can serve the purpose effectively only when it is chosen carefully.


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Have Less Money To Invest In Video Surveillance? Bullets Cameras Might Meet Your Needs

Bullet, Dome, cube-shaped and there are several other types of cameras that are said to do the same job, video surveillance. If you are a buyer, you should know that it is not a wise move to install a bullet camera where you actually need dome camera. Dome cameras are incredibly vandal proof whereas bullet cameras are prone to vandalization. However, it does not mean that choosing a bullet camera is a wrong decision. The choice of the camera depends on the purpose to be served.home security cameras in Edmonton.jpg

Bullet cameras can be installed at locations where the installation of other cameras is difficult. Due to the design and small size, bullet cameras are very easy to install and hide. These are weather resistance and therefore, ideal for monitoring outside. Moreover, unlike typical box cameras, bullet cameras do not require any special housing and therefore, cost less. However, the camera should be out of the reach.

A bullet camera is ideal for every business and every corner of a street. Buying a bullet camera is really an intelligent decision when dome and other cameras are out of your budget constraints. A bullet camera has all essential features such as night vision and Wi-Fi. In a nutshell, bullet cameras are the best business and home security cameras in Edmonton when you have less money to invest.

At The Workplace

Securing the workplace is actually one of your responsibilities. Your business is your livelihood and it is also a source of income for your employees. However, some business owners believe that installing video surveillance system is an expensive deal. However, if you are reluctant to video surveillance system due to its cost then you should not. When you are installing bullet cameras you need not dig deep into your resources. It will protect your business from thefts and internal threats. Video surveillance systems are important for the safety of your customers, employees and assets.

In Streets

In most of the cities, you will find bullet cameras monitoring the traffic and keeping an eye on people. Reasons are the same – easy installation, easy to hide, low price and night vision. Security cameras cannot put end to an every crime in the city. However, video monitoring does deter the confidence of thieves, burglars, or anyone else who can pose a threat to the society. When the camera is empowered with the feature of real-time monitoring, there is always a fear of getting caught.

Safety and security of your family and business are your first responsibilities. For that reason, you should install security cameras. Bullet cameras will not make a burning hole in your pocket.

What to Consider While Installing Security Cameras in Hotels

Reputation is very important for a business. Once it is earned, it has to be maintained. The reputation becomes more important when it comes to restaurants and hotels. When a guest writes a negative review about your hotel because his expensive Rolex watch was stolen during the stay, your reputation is literally killed. When you are given one star and the title of the user’s review is “No Security”, you have to consider the reinstallation of security cameras. Otherwise, thefts in the hotel and big blows on the bad reputation will keep on coming back to haunt you. Bad reputation drives away the business. Therefore, it is must for you to protect belongings of guests against thefts.

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Common Mistakes People Make While Installing CCTV Security Camera System

home security systems

To protect a business from inventory losses and a home from thefts, video surveillance has proven to be the best preventive measure in the present scenario. A dependable CCTV security system that is not prone to water, winds, intentional vandalization and another damage-causing elements is like a soldier who is alert 24X7. However, there are some aspects associated with this system. Even when the system comprises of every essential component, if you are ignoring a few of these aspects, you are leaving a backdoor entry for a burglar or any other person having evil intentions.

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Here Is What You Need To Know Before Buying a Multi-Room Audio System

Multi-Room Audio SystemIsn’t it great to listen to your favorite tracks in the kitchen, bathroom, dining room or any other part of your home? If music runs through your veins, you will love to have the full control of the music system from any corner of the home. Thinking about the ability to control the music with your Smartphone is no more a flight of the imagination. In the modern electronic market, you can find a wide range of wired and wireless multi-room audio systems of all popular brands displayed on shelves.

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Five Good Reasons for Installing a Wireless Camera System Instead Of Wired One

Edmonton Wireless Camera System

Criminals are always ready to exploit any security hole to take whatever they can take from others. They just need one chance, one weakness to make use of, once they have found it, all your dreams of becoming rich will be turned into a nightmare. Most of the times, they rob only after making sure that nobody is aware of their presence and intentions. There is no one to keep an eye on their movements and actions. However, when they can see a wireless security camera guarding the entrance of your home or commercial premises, they will think twice before entering into your property.

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Your Wireless Camera System Might Be Vulnerable, Secure It

A wireless security camera system greatly shrinks the possibility of security threats at home or in the office. An advanced security surveillance system fills our mind with a sense of safety and relief as a soldier who never sleeps is deployed to foil malevolent attempts of someone having deleterious intentions. However, this sense of safety and relief can be deceiving sometimes if you are not aware of the vulnerabilities exposed to the outsiders. This security system consists of cameras, routers, wires, DVRs and a few other components. None of these is an artificial intelligence thing.

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